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Soon Again (lyrics video)
Soon Again (lyrics video)
The Sun
Sunset at the Docks
I Knew You Best (lyrics)
I Knew You Best (lyrics)
Helpless Promises (lyrics)
Helpless Promises (lyrics)
Love the Land
Backroad - Gloria Lee
Eighteen Years (song)
Untitled (lyrics)
Untitled (lyrics)
Goodbye (lyrics)
Goodbye (lyrics)
Remind Myself (lyrics)
Remind Myself (lyrics)
Twenty-Two (lyrics)
Twenty-Two (lyrics)
Eighteen Years (video)
Eighteen Years (lyrics)
Eighteen Years (lyrics)
Blue Skies
Gloria's Backdrop What is this?
Why? I don't know, but it can take so many different forms - mashed, baked, umm.. french-fried. I love sliced baked red potatoes!
Why do you like it? Because it's sung and written by Dave, of course! :) I like the meaning behind this song, and it also sounds very relaxing. The piano version is just simple lovely.

("Helium Hearts" is by Jason Reeves. I love this song because Jason somehow, once again, creates intricate metaphors to explain simple and innocent love.)
Why? When the day feels longer, I feel like I have more time to accomplish everything.
Why? I have a pretty huge family.. I have about 25 cousins on my dad's side. When my brother and I were less than 10 years old, my family and I would drive out every weekend to visit my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. My cousins, my brother, and I are all about the same age, so getting along well was really easy. Any time with my cousins was something that I looked forward to.
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Michael Laccabue said: (on Apr 23, 2009)
i like you a lot.
Michael Laccabue said: (on Apr 10, 2009)
hello, my dear.
Brad Wolfe said: (on Feb 12, 2009)
sweet backbrite
Michael Laccabue said: (on Jan 14, 2009)
Hi hun :) you inspire me.
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